Phrasal Verb

Phrasal verbs are multi-word verbs that, like single-word verbs, convey action of the body or mind or occurrences. Phrasal verbs consist of a basic verb + another word or words, usually a preposition or adverb. Example: speak (basic verb) + up (preposition)

Phrasal Verb:
set something off

Meaning / Example:

1. to ignite something, such as fireworks.
> The boys were setting firecrackers off all afternoon.
> They set off rocket after rocket.

2. to cause something to begin.
> The coach set the race off with a shot from the starting pistol.

3. to make something distinct or outstanding.
> The lovely stonework sets the fireplace off quite nicely.

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Phrasal verbs, also called two-word verbs, are idiomatic expressions wherein the second element of the verb (the adverb or particle) is not necessarily predictable.

A compilation of 50 phrasal verbs.
Phrasal Verb