Phrasal Verb

Phrasal verbs are two or more words that together act as a completely new verb with a meaning separate from those of the original words.

Phrasal Verb:
spice something up

Meaning / Example:

1. to make some food or drink more spicy.
> Judy spiced the cider up by adding cinnamon and nutmeg.
> She spiced up the chili too much.

2. to make something more interesting, lively, or sexy.
> I'm afraid that the nude scenes spiced the musical up too much. Some people walked out.
> Judy liked to spice her lectures up by telling jokes.
> She spiced up each lecture with a joke.

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A phrase that combines a verb with a preposition or adverb or both and that functions as a verb whose meaning is different from the combined meanings of the individual words.

A compilation of 50 phrasal verbs.
Phrasal Verb